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Taking a Small Break

Due to a frantic work schedule for Steve right now, Ray and Steve are taking a week off from podcasting.  We hope to return next Wednesday with more fun “beyond the box”.


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Jesus the Man

Did Jesus do certain miracles because of his deity?  Was he able to walk on water because he was God?  Despite frequent evangelical assertions that Jesus was “100% God and 100% man”, it often seems that we totally ignore the humanity of Jesus.  Everything that he accomplished seems to be chalked up to, “Well, he […]


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Purpose Driven

No, this is not a slam on Rick Warren!  But many times, we are so consumed with finding our “purpose” that the result is a constant fear of “missing” something that our Father may have for us.  Is purpose something that should be driving us?  Or does purpose naturally develop out of relationship?  Ray and […]


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The Fear of the Lord

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”  But what does it mean to “fear” the Lord?  Ray and Steve discuss a view of God that causes us to be afraid of God.  Being afraid of our Father has negative ramifications for personal relationship with him, but we have often projected our own […]


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