Continuing on in the series on views of the atonement, Ray and Steve turn their focus to what has been referred to as the “classic view”, allegedly held as the predominant view of the atonement for the first 1,000 years of western Christianity, and still widely held in the Eastern churches.  This view, commonly called “Christus Victor” (after the title of Gustaf Aulén’s book first published in 1931), or “Christ, the victorious one”, views the life and death of Jesus as a package deal which redeemed mankind and, in fact, all of creation, from the curse of sin.

Despite the dry sound of the titles of this series, Ray and Steve spend some time attempting to explain the relevance of these discussions to the very nature of our relationship to the Father.  Continue to stay tuned for the rest of the series as other views are discussed.

(Ray and Steve did a two-part series on this view of the atonement a year ago in a discussion entitled “God’s Punishment or Satan’s Defeat”.  Here are links to part 1 and part 2.)

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