A rather recent news article about an unnamed school in the eastern US prompted this episode.  Ray and Steve discuss the use of prayer as a weapon in public (not Christian-specific) settings, and whether or not prayer should ever be used in that form of making one’s point.

As often happens in the discussions on this podcast, there are some rabbit trails, but by and large, the questions and dicussion revolve around questions related to how we demonstrate our faith in public.  Should Christians use public prayer as an evangelistic tool?  Or should prayer be reserved for more personal settings (or at best settings which are denoted as Christian-specific)?

Forgive the out-of-date World Series discussion at the top, by the way.  Things are not looking as good for the Phillies as Steve hoped when this was recorded. 🙁

Unedited, unscripted, raw discussion of life outside the box of institutional religion–the trademark style of Beyond the Box.