It’s that time of year when evangelicals start complaining about a “War on Christmas”–the alleged attempt by the evil liberals to steal the baby Jesus out of the manger and replace him with a Richard Dawkins book.

Well, since it’s what evangelicals are doing, Ray and Steve have something to say about it! 😉  And thus, we present to you an episode very much appropriate to this time of year.  Is there really a war on Christmas?  Does that even make sense?  Does it matter if someone says, “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”?

Ray and Steve take a look at some of the ironic scenarios this all leads to.   And with that, we bid our listeners a temporary farewell until early 2010. Have a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate Christmas, a happy holiday if you celebrate something other than Christmas, or just a great time if you celebrate none of the above! 🙂