Note: This is a part 1 of a lengthy episode that we split up into two episodes for listening convenience.  Therefore, the ending of this recording may feel a bit abrupt to you, but will be continued in part 2 which will post in a few days.

There are many Christians who believe that the opening of the book of Genesis (specifically the first 11 chapters) must be interpreted literally or else it is virtually impossible to believe anything else in scripture literally.  Some would even go so far, then, to say that it is essential to believe Genesis 1-11 literally in order to be saved.

Ray and Steve use this particular example of the opening to the book of Genesis to discuss the larger issue of what beliefs should or should not be considered as absolutely essential. If a belief really is essential, Ray and Steve argue that it should, or even must, be included in any “gospel presentation”.  Usually this is not the case.

Come along for the ride, and then look for part 2 to show up soon.