If you haven’t already listened to part 1 and part 2, you should go listen to those first for this episode to make the most sense.

Ray and Steve conclude this three-part discussion on Ultimate Reconciliation. It may seem to some like we have hammered this entire topic well into the ground, and perhaps we have.  However, for us, this topic has become more and more relevant and important in our understanding of the big picture of our Father’s love.  The strong insistence by many on the certainty of eternal conscious torment in hell for unbelievers raises a lot of questions about the big picture.  As we have said somewhere in this discussion, it is almost scary to see some people absolutely determined to make sure hell is populated, and not populated by just a few people.

At any rate, thanks for bearing with us in this lengthy conversation.  Your comments/feedback are always welcome, even if it’s to say, “Get on with something else already, guys!” 😉  (seriously!)