Sunday evening, May 1, President Barack Obama announced to the world that Osama bin Laden had been found and killed. And what resulted in terms of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media conversations was nothing short of amazing.  Responses varied from sheer joy at the thought of bin Laden now being in hell for all eternity to horror at the thought of rejoicing in anyone’s death.  Christians fought proof-text against proof-text and emotions flooded the conversations.

Just 24 hours after that announcement and the ensuing events online, Ray and Steve recorded this two-part conversation about their own feelings and responses. Is there a right and wrong response for the follower of Jesus in situations such as this? Is it ok to feel discomfort at the murder of even a symbol of evil such as bin Laden? How does this all relate to the recent episodes on Ultimate Reconciliation?

Join us for perhaps our most sobering and “mellow” episodes to date, as we approach this very emotional, very sensitive topic while our own responses are still raw.