[A quick note of apology for the sound quality on Steve’s end. Lots of distortion this time around. Sorry, folks! 🙁 ]

Whether it’s because you feel like your “testimony” isn’t good enough, or because you’re in a position of power that makes you feel like you have to be more than you really are, there is a strong temptation that almost all (if not all) of us face: to make ourselves sound like more than we really are.

In the workplace, it’s called “padding your résumé”.  In Christianity, it’s called being dishonest. Lying.  For one recent pastor, it showed up as a fictional account of being a Navy Seal.  For others, it’s a temptation to impress people with the place at which we did some academic study, even if our grades were terrible when we studied there!

Ray and Steve discuss this delicate issue, complete with quite a few of their own personal anecdotes of how this temptation has surfaced, and continues to surface, in their own lives.  Far from pointing fingers at others, Ray and Steve humbly look at their own lives and discuss the need to just be who we are and not to make ourselves out to be something else.