While we have spent quite a few episodes on the topic of hell, and even more specifically on Francis Chan’s book “Erasing Hell”, we thought it would be very helpful to our listeners to hear more about the exegesis behind that book.  Preston Sprinkle, the co-author of “Erasing Hell” was kind enough to come on the podcast and share more thoughts on the Scripture used.

In a very friendly conversation between Preston and Steve, the topics of hell and Ultimate Reconciliation are explored even further, but with the added enjoyment of slightly different perspectives and mutual pushbacks. Hoping to model a very civil dialog about a very sensitive subject, Preston and Steve dig into several key passages in the discussion and challenge each other in an effort to pursue proper exegesis of the passages at hand.

A very special thank you to Preston for coming on to the podcast, even though he knew from listening to our critique episodes that we didn’t agree with his and Francis Chan’s conclusions! It is our prayer that, even when disagreeing with each other, all of us in the body of Christ can approach subjects like this with friendliness and mutual respect.