In this conclusion of Ray’s 2-part interview with Brad Jersak (part 1 is here), Ray and Brad continue their discussion about the atonement, our role in the death of Jesus, the role of the Father in the death of Jesus, and the implications of atonement theory on our view of the Father as well as our understanding of salvation and reconciliation.

While Ray and Steve attempted to record their reactions and thoughts on the entire interview at the conclusion of the episode, they ended up recording for quite a while, so their fuller thoughts and reactions will appear next time in an episode of their own, but in the meantime, you are welcome to comment yourself on all that is shared here.

You are welcome to visit Brad at his website ( We so appreciate Brad’s time in coming on the show, and look forward to another interview that will be posted sometime in the future where Ray and Brad talked about Brad’s book “Her Gates Will Never Be Shut”.