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Organic Leadership

[Note: This post first appeared in its original form on April 22, 2007 on Steve’s blog, Theological Musings] As most of you know, I’m a musician. And in the past, my “day job” during the school year was with Appalachian State University‘s School of Music. I was an accompanist there, mostly working with vocal students, […]

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Michael Hardin’s Mimetic Theory Chart

Many of you have been interacting with Michael Hardin on the Facebook page regarding Mimetic Theory among many other things. Michael was kind enough to send us this chart which he made to demonstrate the differences between negative, human mimesis (or imitation) and positive, divine mimesis. This chart demonstrates the two sides of mimesis (human […]

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Podcast Awards Nomination

We were excited to discover yesterday that Beyond the Box is in the running for a Podcast Award in the Religion Inspiration category. (Huge thanks to Big C for promoting us in the nomination stage!) Voting begins Dec 1 (today) and continues through Dec 15 at One vote per person per IP address (per […]

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A Brief Overview of Translation Terms and Methods

[I modified the date on this post so that it immediately follows the episode “Know Your Heritage” in the order of the posts on this site.  This post was actually written on May 1, 2009, if it matters to anyone!] In response to our episode called “Know Your Heritage”, a discussion of Bible translations arose. […]

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