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The Gathering 2014 – A Roundtable Conversation with Jim Palmer

Here it is – the second episode from the BtB Gathering 2014 in Nashville, TN! This episode was recorded at the first ever BtB Gathering, where we were joined by wonderful people from all over the US and Canada. It was three days filled with great conversations and virtual friendships finding connection in the physical […]

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Kicking Control to the Curb

Why is it so common for some to desire to exert control over others? In this conversation, Steve and Ray talk about control and the many manifestations it makes within the context of Christianity and religion. Prompted by a video (visit the website to view) of a church service that has been making the rounds […]

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Walking in Unity

UNITY. This seems to be a real buzz word in the Body of Christ, but seldom do we achieve it. What is unity? Does unity mean that we must all agree and affirm the same doctrines? Or, does unity mean that we must all lay aside our distinctive beliefs in an effort to not offend […]

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The Devil Wears Nada with Tripp York

In this episode Ray is joined once again by Tripp York for a discussion about Tripp’s book The Devil Wears Nada. In the book, Tripp embarks on a journey for God via searching for the devil. Sound crazy? Well get ready to laugh as you rethink who God is and who the devil isn’t. Check […]

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Hellbound? with Kevin Miller

In this episode Ray is joined by Kevin Miller, writer and director of the upcoming movie “Hellbound?”. Kevin talks about the process of dreaming up and making Hellbound? and the impact the process has had on his life. Kevin and Ray discuss how our ideas of hell and death inform the rest of our faith […]

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Special Christmas Music for our Listeners

As a special Christmas treat to our listeners, here are a few tracks from Steve’s “Christmas Solitude” CD for you to enjoy and download free of charge.  You may stream the entire album, if you wish, at Steve’s Indieheaven site.  Additionally, the entire CD can be purchased as a digital download from iTunes. To download […]

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Give Us A Call

We would love to have you guys call our new phone number and leave a message saying “Hi my name is _____, and you’re listening to Beyond the Box”. We want to take these, edit them together, and use them for an intro/intermission on the podcast. Either call (626) 24-NO-BOX to leave your message, or click the “CALL ME” link […]

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Podcast Awards Nomination

We were excited to discover yesterday that Beyond the Box is in the running for a Podcast Award in the Religion Inspiration category. (Huge thanks to Big C for promoting us in the nomination stage!) Voting begins Dec 1 (today) and continues through Dec 15 at One vote per person per IP address (per […]

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Some Down Time at BtB

Folks, we’re sorry for the lack of shows lately.  The reality is that a lot has changed in life for both of us right about the start of this year, and we both have had a tough time carving out the time to get together and record. We have every intention of returning to podcasting […]

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Join Steve on Bearcrawling TONIGHT!

Tonight (July 10) at 9:30 PM Eastern, Steve will be guest co-hosting Bearcrawling, hosted by the wonderful Big C. Join us for an unscripted two hours of fun. You can join in via chat or Skype or phone, if you’d like, too. Go to or to listen/watch or participate. Hope to see you […]

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