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Merry Christmas!

Ray and Steve are taking the week off from podcasting to enjoy Christmas with their families. We hope that all of our listeners have a very enjoyable holiday. We’ll be back next week!

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Upgrading in Progress…Please Be Patient

Hey, listeners. Recently, the BtB site was hacked, and as part of our efforts to prevent this from happening again, we have had to upgrade our WordPress version to the newest. This, in turn, required us to change plugins that we were using for podcasting. As a result, there appears to be some strange behavior […]

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Taking the Week Off

Ray and Steve are taking this week off from podcasting.  Check back next Wednesday for a new episode.  Better yet, if you’re relatively new to the podcast, use this “free week” to catch up on older episodes that you might have missed 🙂

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Taking a Small Break

Due to a frantic work schedule for Steve right now, Ray and Steve are taking a week off from podcasting.  We hope to return next Wednesday with more fun “beyond the box”. 🙂

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Idea Submission Page Added

To encourage interaction with our listeners, and allow for a larger “discussion”, we have created an Idea Submission page. You can get to it at any time from the left sidebar or the “Menu” in the header. You can leave comments on that page to submit ideas for podcast episode topics, etc. Thanks for listening […]

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