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Justice, Francis, and the Cost of Community with Jamie Arpin-Ricci

In this episode Ray is joined by author and fellow “Beyond the Boxer”, Jamie Arpin-Ricci, for a discussion about intentional community, issues of justice, Francis of Assisi, and his book The Cost of Community. Join us as we chat about living in community, radical hospitality, co-housing, “shoulds”, and a lot more! Check out Jamie’s book […]

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Thinking Out Loud About Panentheism

Prompted by a suggestion from listener Joshua, Steve and Ray fire up a discussion about Panentheism and whether or not it could be a helpful idea in our journey with God. Panentheism is to not to be confused with Pantheism (the belief that creation itself is God), but rather is the idea that the entirety […]

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Groupcast – What Is Community?

It’s our first ever Groupcast! Groupcast is a new Beyond the Box feature that’s all about listening to and interacting with you, in order to explore life in Christ within the context of community. Speaking of community, in this first installment of Groupcast, that’s exactly what we talk about. Community – What does it mean? […]

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Who Is My Enemy? with Lee C. Camp

In this episode, Ray is excited to be joined by Dr. Lee C. Camp for a discussion about his book Who Is My Enemy?, and the power of nonviolence to act as an apologetic for Jesus as the Messiah. Join us as we talk about double vision, the politics of Jesus, and the idolatrous nature […]

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Selling Water by the River with Shane Hipps

In this episode Shane Hipps joins Ray for a conversation about his book Selling Water by the River: A Book About the Life Jesus Promised and the Religion That Gets in the Way. Why is it that Christians feel we have the corner on God? Why do we protect the Kingdom like a guard instead […]

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Five Years and Counting!

July 6, 2013 marked five years since Ray and Steve uploaded their first episode of Beyond the Box! And shortly before the anniversary of their first episode, Ray and Steve spent about 2-1/2 hours recapping some of the journey to this point.  Filled with classic Beyond the Box style and humor, including the revival of […]

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Evangelicalism Outside the Box — A Roundtable Discussion

In early May, Steve traveled to Pennsylvania and decided to moderate a roundtable discussion with several friends of the podcast, including some former guests of the podcast and some new ones as well.  The discussion, while a typical Beyond the Box exercise in rabbit trails, launches from the starting point of discussing the potential impact […]

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Emergence Christianity with Phyllis Tickle

Here is a great discussion with the insightful, charming, and witty Phyllis Tickle! Join Ray and Phyllis as they discuss Phyllis’ most recent book, Emergence Christianity. Strap yourself in as Phyllis takes us on a whirlwind tour of 2000 years of Church history, demonstrating how seemingly unrelated events have worked together to generate the spiritual […]

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Virtually Christian with Anthony Bartlett

Join Ray as he talks with Anthony Bartlett about his book Virtually Christian. The good news is even better than we thought! Tony helps us understand that Jesus is about the business of actually changing what it means to be human in the here and now. More than preparing us for a transfer to a […]

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Unclean with Richard Beck

Have you noticed that much of Christianity is recognized by the safe-guarding of borders and boudaries? In this discussion Ray is joined by Dr. Richard Beck as they explore together how we might move beyond a faith defined by purity and embrace a life of mercy as modeled by Jesus. Join us as we venture […]

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