Roundtable discussion participantsIn early May, Steve traveled to Pennsylvania and decided to moderate a roundtable discussion with several friends of the podcast, including some former guests of the podcast and some new ones as well.  The discussion, while a typical Beyond the Box exercise in rabbit trails, launches from the starting point of discussing the potential impact of current discussions within evangelicalism.

Sitting around a table with plenty of beverages kept flowing by Michael, and with no specific agenda in mind, the discussion unfolds to cover some great points about the current issues within evangelicalism, including the topic of inspiration/inerrancy of Scripture, and even touching at one point on Steve’s apparent need for therapy to fix his errors in theology and ecclesiology! 😉

Many thanks to Michael and Lorri Hardin for hosting this discussion at their house in Lancaster, PA! It was a delightful time with the Hardins, Pete Enns and John Oliff (who traveled to Lancaster from the Philadelphia area to join the discussion), and Jonathan Souder (friend of the Hardins).

Standing L-R: Peter Enns, John Oliff, Jonathan Souder, Lorri Harden; Seated L-R: Steve Sensenig, Michael Hardin (photo by Dylan Sensenig)